• Quality guarantee

    At the design stage we employ use of our many years of experience our approach ensuring the mast will survive even the toughest environmental and weather conditions (strong wind, ice). Our constructions are designed according to European standards. Our quality production is controlled in accordance with standards imposed by EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 (with TÜV SÜD as a certifying body).

  • Time and investment

    We provide advice at every stage of the project remembering that time and money are important factors for any investment process.

  • Full control of the production process

    We manage thoroughly the production process 'from idea to its implementation'. We are flexible and ready to help - we readily adapt to our clients' demands and new developments. We offer far reaching support at every stage of the investment, coupled with essential after-sales servicing.

  • People with passion knowledge and experience

    70 masts sold to the Polish market; 5 years experience in the field of wind measurement masts. Team of 30 specialists focused on the project's success for our clients: engineers, designers, climbers - people with passion. We consciously invest in the development of our skills and competence.

Quality guarantee Time and investment optimization Full control of the production process People with passion knowledge and experience

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Wieże telekomunikacyjne

Wieże telekomunikacyjne to konstrukcje bezodciągowe, co jest wielką zaletą w przypadku gdy dysponujemy niewielką powierzchnią na posadowienie konstrukcji. Wieże telekomunikacyjne mają szerokie zastosowanie w technice radiowej, meteorologii czy monitoringu, doskonale sprawdzą się również jako elementy siłowni wiatrowych.

Wieże aluminiowe RETIS to bezodciągowe konstrukcje o przekroju trójkąta równobocznego oparte na kratownicy przestrzennej rozszerzonej ku dołowi. Wieże aluminiowe RETIS zbudowane są z segmentów, które łączone są między sobą za pomocą połączenia kołnierzowego. Wieże aluminiowe RETIS charakteryzują się naturalną lekkością, możliwością adaptacji do różnego typu instalacji telekomunikacyjnych. Nasze konstrukcje projektowane są w taki sposób, aby zarówno ich instalacja jak i obsługa bieżąca była jak najprostsza. Wieże telekomunikacyjne RETIS to gwarancja najwyższej jakości wykonania.

Dowiedz się więcej: wieża aluminiowa RETIS W650F, wieża aluminiowa RETIS W1000F, wieża aluminiowa RETIS W2000F

Wieże aluminiowe RETIS mogą posiadać dodatkowe wyposażenie, tak jak:
  • drabinka włazowa,
  • pomosty robocze,
  • system zabezpieczeń przed upadkiem,
  • wsporniki antenowe oraz radiolinii.
Wieża aluminiowa W2000F H24 posadowiona na suwnicy

RETIS Measuring Masts
in the Renewable Energy Sector

We have been successfully designing, manufacturing and erecting measuring masts for site windiness analysis for several years. Our measuring masts are a result of many years experience, commitment and a highly qualified engineering team. The mast design ensures they can withstand the heaviest of weather conditions.

We offer all services relating to wind measurement projects.
Wind measurements are made with the use of the highest quality certified measuring equipment that guarantees proper performance for energy forecasts. Our customers can be assured that the measurements will be accepted by banks and crediting institutions.

See more: measuring masts, wind measurement.

Benefits of Wind Measurement Masts:

>MOBILITYMOBILITY - the construction can be assembled and disassembled many times.
>STABILITYSTABILITY - characterized by rigidity through appropriate suitable mast shaft and load-bearing components of the structure.
LIGHTNESSLIGHTNESS - easier and cheaper transportation in comparison to steel constructions.
CORROSION RESISTANTCORROSION RESISTANT - material resistant to various environmental conditions.
EN 1090-2

January 2014

Our Structures Are Designated with the CE Marking

We are proud to advise you that in December 2013, our company underwent successfully the certification procedure for conformity with the PN-EN 1090-2 EXC3 standard as supervised by the certifying body TÜV SÜD. PN-EN-1090 is a set of standards dealing with quality requirements applicable for production of steel and aluminium structures. Having the certificate allows us to mark our products with the CE marking, which means that we are prepared for the amendment to the regulations on building product sales that will come into force on 1 July, 2014. The amendment has introduced the obligation to designate all building products with the CE marking.

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EN ISO 3834-2

May 2013

EN ISO 3834-2 Certificate

We are pleased to annouce that since April 2013 our company successfully underwent auditing, and is now compliant with EN ISO 3834-2 standards through the TÜV SÜD certifying body. EN ISO 3834 is a standard on the quality requirements for metal welding, whereas the ISO 3834-2 extension pertains to overall quality requirements. See Certifacate

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December 2012

Construction of a RETIS W2000F tower 30 m high, at Wieldządz

We have constructed in Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province a RETIS W2000F tower, 30 m high, as part of another EU funded project. The W2000F tower is a no-guy rope structure set on foundations, with a ladder and a work platform inside. The tower structure was screwed together on the ground, then placed with a crane on the lower segment set on foundations. We have documented this work with photographs.

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January 2014

Examination of Wind Conditions in Poland.

The year 2013 yielded many projects in the field of wind condition examination. From the beginning of the year, we erected 10 measuring structures. The works performed by us as part of the above projects included also deliveries of calibrated measuring equipment and night obstacle marking, maintenance and supervision over the structure and measuring equipment as well as collecting of measurement data that are rendered accessible at our WINDSPECTOR web platform. In the past year, we also performed many disassembly works on measuring structures, both aluminium and steel ones, of tubular and truss types.

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May 2013

Construction of two measurement masts, 100 m high

This year, at the beginning of May, we successfully completed a project on behalf of German clients, constructing two masts for measuring wind direction and speed, both 100 m high, in Wielkopolskie Province and Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province respectively.

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November 2012

Completion of an EU funded project at Pułtusk

In November 2012, we completed an EU funded project, for SYMETRA, for the building of telecommunication infrastructure near Pułtusk. The order included construction of 8 transmitting/receiving stations 8-24 m high. The structures included a RETIS M1000F mast, 21 m high with bonded flanges and a climbing ladder inside. Visit our photo gallery.

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